Episode 121 / 2021.11.15
Andrew Welch
#webdev #headless #CMS

In this episode, we return San​i​ty​.io and talk to Knut Melvær about how San­i­ty is re-think­ing how a con­tent author­ing sys­tem should work.

San­i­ty is at its heart both a place and a method­ol­o­gy to use for stor­ing the struc­tured data that pow­ers web­sites, mobile appli­ca­tions, ser­vices, and more.

We dis­cuss in-depth what it’s like to set San­i­ty up to give it a whirl if you’ve nev­er used it before.

We go on to talk about some of the major new addi­tions to San­i­ty such as con­di­tion­al fields, col­lab­o­rate edit­ing, GROQ-pow­ered web­hooks, and more!

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