Episode 83 / 2020.08.17
Andrew Welch, Patrick Harrington, Jennifer Blumberg
#craftcms #graphql #JAMstack

On this episode, we talk with Andris Ševčenko, the Lead Spe­cial Ops Engi­neer @ Pix­el & Ton­ic about what it’s like to craft the under­ly­ing APIs that thou­sands of devel­op­ers will be leveraging. 

Tim Kel­ty from Fusion­ary Media joins us to dis­cuss the ori­gins of a GraphQL API for Craft CMS, how test dri­ven devel­op­ment fac­tored into it, and what it was like behind the scenes archi­tect­ing this API layer.

We also dis­cuss what’s new in Craft CMS 3.5, both in terms of GraphQL muta­tions, and also Andris’s oth­er project, Project Config.

We also delve into what the future has in store for GraphQL… so tune it!

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