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In this episode we have a round­table dis­cus­sion on deploy­ing your web­site. You’ve cre­at­ed an awe­some web­site, now how to do you it deployed to a pub­lic web serv­er so the rest of the world can see it? And more impor­tant­ly, how can you do this with­out tears? We dis­cuss Git as a ver­sion con­trol sys­tem, and why we use it for our web­sites. Then we move on to dis­cus­sion a num­ber of deployment…
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This episodes fea­tures acces­si­bil­i­ty guest Lau­ra Shields from Nerdery​.com in a live­ly dis­cus­sion about web acces­si­bil­i­ty: what it means, how to do it… and most impor­tant­ly, how to sell it to our clients. We can’t make the web a bet­ter place unless we can make a con­vinc­ing case to our clients that it’s in their best inter­est to pay for it. Acces­si­bil­i­ty or a11y” is some­thing that we all feel…
In this episode, we talk to Eli Perel­man and Tim Kel­ty from the Neu­tri­no JS project about how Neu­tri­no can make get­ting up and run­ning using web­pack a whole lot eas­i­er. Neu­tri­no pro­vides starter projects and mid­dle­ware con­figs you can just grab off of the shelf and start using. Per­haps more impor­tant­ly, Neu­tri­no lets you solve a build prob­lem once, and then re-use your Neu­tri­no mid­dle­ware in…
#Neutrino #webpack #frontend #webdev
In this episode, we dis­cuss Google Accel­er­at­ed Mobile Pages (AMP), from the promise of fast load­ing pages to what you cede to Google when you use it. We cov­er not just the ori­gins of Google AMP, and how to imple­ment it, but also whether AMP is a good idea from both a prac­ti­cal and philo­soph­i­cal per­spec­tive. Is Google AMP evil or awe­some? Lis­ten in for our thoughts, and give your per­spec­tive in…
#frontend #AMP #webperf #webdev
In this episode of dev​Mode​.fm, we talk to web vet­er­an & founder of the Web Direc­tions con­fer­ence, John All­sopp. We talk about the ori­gins of the web, includ­ing many tech­nolo­gies you may nev­er have heard of. John drops some fan­tas­tic tid­bits from the per­spec­tive that only some­one who has seen it all can offer. We also mean­der through a philo­soph­i­cal dis­cus­sion of the cur­rent and future state of…
#webdev #frontend #shoptalk
In this episode, we talk all about web host­ing! Once you’ve built a fan­tas­tic new web­site for your client, you have to find some­where to host it so the world can see it. ArcusTech’s Nevin Lyne joins us as we talk about dif­fer­ent options for host­ing, and define terms like shared host­ing”, man­aged host­ing”, VPS”, and more! Join us for a deep-dive all about find­ing just the right home for your…
#hosting #VPS #ArcusTech
We have Tail­wind CSS author Adam Wathan on to dis­cuss util­i­ty-first CSS, and why it’s a viable alter­na­tive to using seman­tic class­es or BEM nam­ing con­ven­tions. If you’ve heard of util­i­ty-first CSS but think it’s a mis­guid­ed idea, or have only a vague idea of what util­i­ty CSS or atom­ic CSS is, this is the pod­cast for you! We dis­cuss the prob­lems with can­dle drip” CSS that can accu­mu­late over…
#frontend #css #utility-first #tailwind
Episode 1 / 2017.12.08
In the inau­gur­al episode of the dev​Mode​.fm pod­cast, we talk all about Craft CMS 3 RC1. When it is time to start using it for client projects? As devel­op­ers, what do we love about Craft CMS 3? How do we pitch Craft 3 to clients to get them to love it too? Has the tool­ing for Craft 3 got­ten too com­pli­cat­ed? Join us for some spir­it­ed discussion!
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